Thursday, November 1, 2012

Republican Square

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African-Americans have been a part of the Church almost from the get go. These Saints help form a part of the unique history and culture in the LDS church. In fact, if Brigham Young was sick and riding in Wilford Woodruffs carriage at the time he caught a glimpse of the Salt Lake Valley, obviously someone had to drive President Young’s wagon. That someone was Green Flake, an African-American that joined the Church as a slave, moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, and trekked west with the rest of the Saints.

In 1891, African-Americans established the town of Republican Square as a place of refuge for African-American converts. What state was this town established in?

A)     Utah

B)     Mississippi

C)     Arizona

D)     Alabama

Yesterday’s answer:

When I think of those who want to postpone performance until another time, I remember a question someone once asked at a stake conference. A man said, “Brother Howard, do you know why we can never get more than 83 percent home teaching in the Church?” I said, “No, why?” He said, “Because no one wants to go on Halloween and New Year’s Eve.”

“Commitment,” F. Burton Howard, Ensign, April 1996.

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