Saturday, November 3, 2012

Splitting School

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How long was the school year during 1862 in the Salt Lake Valley?

A)     10 months

B)     All year

C)     3 months

D)     6 months

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   Anti Mormon literature

In that dark period of my life, when I was searching for a foothold among the political, social, philosophical and religious opinions of the world, my attention was called to a pamphlet on the “Mormons,” written by a man named Busch. The author wrote in a spirit of opposition to that strange people, but his very illogical deductions and sarcastic invectives aroused my curiosity, and an irresistible desire to know more about the subject of the author’s animadversion caused me to make persistent inquiries concerning it.

Karl G. Maeser, “How I Became a ‘Mormon,’” Improvement Era 3 (November 1899): 23-26.

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