Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Tidbits-The Church Abroad

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The Church today is a global church. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago when it was announced that there were more members living outside the confines of the United States than in. Many members from other countries (65 countries and counting) also stay in touch with this blog. Australia ranks 10th on the number of hits I receive daily. Members from Argentina also take a peek every now and again. Going through my material, I find that I can share one question each for these two countries.

The first branch of the Church was established in 1844 in Australia. When was the first chapel dedicated in the “Land down under?”

A)      1904

B)     1921

C)     1900

D)     1931

The first members living in Argentina were from where?

A)     Argentina

B)     The United States

C)     Germany

D)     Australia

Yesterday’s answer:

(B)   Carried the hot cannon balls that the enemy shot in their aprons

There were only about 50 of the Mormon men against 2,000 of the mob, ten of them had to be on guard, two on top of the Temple with spy glasses. They went into Law's cornfield and there they had their battle, they were seen to fill two wagons with the wounded and killed. The next morning a woman stood in the second story house and saw the mob put 76 bodies in Calico slips with a draw string around the top before they left home. The Mormon women rolled the cannon balls up in their aprons, took them to our boys and they put them in the cannon and shoot them back again when they were hot. But there were a great many more missing, it was a fearful time. I could have crossed the river but I would not leave my husband. In about two days we had to surrender, lay down their arms. I saw the mob all dressed in black ride two by two on horseback. It looked frightful, they said there were 2,000 of them rode around the Temple in Nauvoo.

Autobiography of Tamma Durfee, Typescript, HBLL; htpp://


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