Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- Pioneer Fashion and Footwear

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1.      When the Saints first entered the valley, what did the children wear on their feet?

A)     They didn’t have to wear anything. Their little feet were that tough from walking to the valley

B)     Wrapped in cloth

C)     Wrapped in cowhide

D)     Wrapped in muskrat skins

2.      Pioneer, Mary-Ann Chapple Warner prayed for what and got it?

A)     New shoes

B)     Used shoes

C)     A new dress

D)     A new sun bonnet

3.      What did pioneer Ethel Blain Larsen spend her entire first pay check on?

A)     A sheep skin coat

B)     Shoes

C)     Make up

D)     A new dress

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)     Joseph Smith Sr.

September 14, 1835—In a meeting of a High Council and the Presidency at Kirtland, it was decided that, as the laborer is worthy of his hire, whenever president Joseph Smith, Sen., is called upon to pronounce Patriarchal blessings upon the Church, he be paid for his services at the rate of ten dollars per week and his expenses. It was further decided that President Frederick G. Williams be appointed and hereafter serve as scribe, to attend blessing meetings, and that he receive for his services, at the same ratio, having his expenses borne also.

December 6, 1837—Voted that the recorder of licenses and patriarchal blessings receive, for each one hundred words, ten cents.

History of the Church 2:273, 528

Additional interesting information:

November 30, 1837—It is our united opinion that the Presidency, High Council, Bishop and counselors, clerk of the council, Patriarch and agents of the Church, (also any others who may be employed in Church business), receive per day, each, one dollar and fifty cents.

Simeon Carter,

Elias Higbee,

Elisha G. Groves

History of the Church 2:527

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