Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bending the Rules



The handcarts were allotted 17 pounds per person and no more. Each cart had to be weighed in prior to heading out on the trail from Iowa City, Iowa. What did some Saints do to fool those conducting the weigh in to get around this restriction?


A)                 Stash equipment in the shrubs and then after the weigh-in add the equipment to their cart


B)                 Not attend the required weigh-in



C)                 Take off on the trail prior to the weigh-in, thereby avoiding it altogether


D)                 Wear extra layer of clothes and then change out of them after the weigh-in


Yesterday’s answer:


C)   1900


Only three months later, the First Presidency called James G. Duffin, a seasoned missionary, as president of the Southwestern States Mission, headquartered in St. John, Kansas. Before the year’s end, on December 26, 1900, Duffin moved the offices of the mission to Kansas City, Missouri. Although Jackson County had always been included in whatever LDS mission had jurisdiction in the Midwest, Duffin’s relocation of the mission headquarters established the first official LDS presence in Jackson County since the forced exodus of 1833. . .


The Danielsen Plow Company and the Redemption of Zion, R. Jean Addams, Journal of Mormon History, Vol. 38, No. 1, 2012, 65.

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