Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Did Santa Visit Kirtland?

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On Saturday we had our yearly family Christmas party. We held it at our eldest daughter’s home in Payson, Utah. We hold it there because she has more room than Nana and grandpa, but also because we love to visit and see the progress on the new Payson Temple. She and her husband live about 50 to 75 yards directly in the front of the new temple. We have great family friends who dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and drop in to visit the grandkids.

True or False; Santa visited the early member’s home during the Kirtland years of the Church?

Yesterday’s answer:

b.   The gardener was worried that the light would harm the trees

“. . .the head gardener at Temple Square was worried that  heat from the lights would harm the trees. But after much debate, President McKay decided to go ahead with the project and gave the task to arborist J. Leland Behunin—though Behunin had never lit a tree in his life.”

“All Aglow,” LDS Living, Nov/Dec 2012, 41.

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