Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hyrum’s Gift

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As a kid I had the best Christmases. I loved them! My mom taught art and would teach by the school year. When she first started out, my dad finished our basement into a teaching studio for her. At Christmas all of the tables would be put down and the room turned into a huge game room. We loved it as kids. Plus we would go skiing a few times or tobogganing (A Canadian term for sledding). There was the flooded rink across the street at the park where my friends and I would play hockey. Because my mom is German, we celebrated the German Christmas on Christmas Eve. By Christmas Eve I already knew what my presents were. I haven’t always been the best with wrapped presents. As a child I remember well my parents buying the inexpensive wrapping paper. It was to my advantage that they bought the less expensive wrap, the kind you can see through. When my parents weren’t home I would press the wrap to the present and could make out what was inside. I used to be horrible with my wife also. I’d like to pick up the present and shake it. After doing more time outs than the kids (that’s more than six kids combined), I decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. Now that I’m reformed, my kids like to set me up. They will grab one of my presents from under the tree and set it on my lap, then quick go and get their mom before I can get it back. It never fails; it’s like the old days all over again. I get told off and sent on another time out. Anyways, to the question:

On December 25, 1841, Hyrum Kimball invited the Quorum of the Twelve to his house and gave them what for a present?

a.      Original copies of the Book of Mormon signed by Joseph Smith

b.      Dinner on the Maid of Iowa steamer

c.       Land

d.      Their next mission assignments

Yesterdays’ answer:

b.    North Carolina

“All Aglow,” LDS Living, Nov/Dec 2012, 43

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