Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It was the Last Time She Saw Them

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Joseph and Hyrum Smith

In her journal, Eunice Billings describes what happened as Joseph and Hyrum rode through Nauvoo for the last time on their way to Carthage and their deaths. Who did Eunice say was more despondent of the two brothers?

a.      Joseph

b.      Neither seemed despondent

c.       Both were equally despondent

d.      Hyrum

Yesterday’s answer:

b. They would have tea after the meeting

British convert George Morris recorded:

“Before I was baptized I walked eight miles to attend a fast meeting held by the Saints in the carpenters hall in Manchester, fasted, and at four o’ clock in the afternoon they had what they called a tea party [to break their fast]. But there was no tea there; they had hot water with plenty of god cream and sugar and plenty of something good to eat. I partook with them as though I had been one of them, and felt in my heart that it was the richest feast in my life, and the best company that I had ever enjoyed.

“Autobiography of George Morris,” typescript, 1953, 15, Perry Special Collections.

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