Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Like Mother, Like Son—A Prophecy Realized

Parley P. Pratt records the following in his autobiography as he remembers October 31, 1838 [pg. 236], “No pen need undertake to describe our feelings during that terrible night, while there confined—not knowing the fate of our wives and children, or our fellow Saints, and seeing no way for our lives to be saved except by the miraculous power of God."

On the day the mob ripped Joseph, Hyrum and other Church leaders from their families at Far West, Missouri, which mother and son received the same spiritual confirmation.

a.      Hyrum and Lucy

b.      Joseph and Lucy

c.       Lyman Wight and his mother

d.      Parley P. Pratt and his mother

Yesterday’s answer:

D)   Hyrum

On the last day which he spent in Nauvoo, he passed our house with his brother Hyrum, both riding their horses. My mother and I were standing in the dooryard, and as he passed he bowed with uplifted hat to my mother. Hyrum seemed like one in a dream, sad and despondent, taking no notice of anyone. They were on their way to the Carthage jail, and it was the last time I saw the Prophet and his brother alive. Shortly after this, my father came home and told my mother that the Prophet and his brother had been murdered, whereupon my mother exclaimed. “How can it be possible?” “Will the Lord allow anything like that?” And immediately she sank back in her chair and fainted. When she came to my father lamented the fact with her, but cited the case that other Prophets in the world’s history had been killed. The bodies were brought into Nauvoo the morning after the murder, and placed in the Nauvoo mansion to be viewed by hundreds of people. The Latter-day Saints in the city were full of melancholy, and sadness prevailed over the place. Tears were shed on every hand and deep mourning shrouded the city.

Eunice Billings journal, Courtesy of Jim Childs family history

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