Friday, December 14, 2012

Molasses and Youngsters—Like Peas in a Pod

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When our grandchildren see Nana, they give her a big hug. When they see grandpa, well let’s just say the hug has to wait. When they see me, the first thing out of their mouths is, “can we have a chocolate?” I understand that priorities are important and so I also comprehend the missed hug. They have learned that grandpa always keeps a stash of chocolate in his top dresser drawer (Kate—aka Nana—does a great job of making certain the supply doesn’t diminish). Today’s question is inspired by our little 15 month granddaughter. She too has learned about grandpa’s stash. Yesterday, while visiting, it was realized that no one had seen little Riyah for awhile. Our daughter ventured out throughout the house in search of the little missing one. She was found in Nana’s and grandpa’s bedroom starring up at the top dresser drawer with her hands behind her back. We all knew what was on her mind and of course I had to give her a chocolate. I chucked as her eyes got bigger and bigger the closer I came to unwrapping the delectable treasure.

Kids and candies have been a partnership as long as sugar has been on this globe. Today kids go to the gas station or the nearest 7-Eleven with coins jingling in their pockets to indulge in their cravings. What did pioneer children have to take with them to satisfy their passion for sugar?

a.      Like children today, money

b.      A permission slip from their parents

c.        A pail

d.      Only themselves

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      The Book of Commandments

One of those elders to affix his signature to the truth of the Book of Commandments was Levi Hancock. Levi didn’t go overboard like his relative, John Hancock, nevertheless there’s something compelling about Levi’s signature. He’s the only one of the 18 witnesses who autographed his name in pencil. Realizing this, he jots the following after his name, “Never to be erased.” Regardless that Levi’s signature blended with the other 17 men, these four simple words, in a sense, highlighted his signature creating a bolding affect similar to his ancestor, John Hancock.

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