Monday, December 31, 2012

Pioneer Resolutions

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From 1827 through 1832, early Church member William Huntington resolved to do what to better his life?

a.      A career change

b.      Find the true Church

c.       Lose weight

d.      Get rid of addictive substances

Yesterday’s answers:

1.      C.   The Deseret News

In the fall of 1965, when Deseret News publisher E. Earl Hawkes proposed a Christmas display to President David O. McKay, the head gardener at Temple Square was worried that heat from the lights would harm the trees. But after much debate, President McKay decided to go ahead with the project (some say at the urging of his wife, who thought the Church should do more to share their beliefs at Christmas).

2.      D.   40,000 lights in 1965

3.      A.   75,000 lights on the Cedar of Lebanon (south-east corner of the temple)

4.      B.   4 months

August through November and 2 ½ months to take them down.

5.      C.   100 volunteers

6.      True, the Church sets up an additional 100 extra trees to help decorate temple square

All Aglow, LDS Living, Nov/Dec 2012, 41- 44.

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