Saturday, December 15, 2012

Samuel Smith

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Samuel Smith

Based on a personality attribute, which Old Testament prophet was Samuel Smith most like?

a.       David like, he preferred to fight big guys

b.      Daniel like, wild animals didn’t bother him

c.       Moses like, he was slow in speech

d.      Elijah like, he could make heavy objects float in water

Yesterday’s answer:

C)   A pail

They raised sugar cane and had a molasses mill on the bench land farm. This mill was one of the first in Bountiful. Youngsters came from miles around with their pails to get the skimmings to make candy.

Selections from the autobiographies of Mary Isabella Hales, Charles Henry Hales, Stephen Hales and from the biography of Harriet Hales in Kenneth Glyn Hales, comp. and ed., Windows: A Mormon Family (Skyline Printing, 1985).

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