Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Slower Than a Car—Faster Than a Handcart

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Has it ever crossed your mind how fast the early converts sailed to America? Remember, the journey took about a month.

a.      8-12 mph

b.      5 mph

c.       15-19 mph

d.      22-25 mph

Yesterday’s answer

b.   Nauvoo

March 10, 1843: I [Joseph Smith] told Theodore Turley that I had no objection to his building a brewery.

History of the Church 5:300

This may seem strange; however, think about it for a moment. Understand that Nauvoo was a river town plying the trade of many steamboats in a week. Numerous non-members walked the streets of Nauvoo while their steamboat was temporarily docked, letting off mail and other cargo. Brother Turley saw the possibility of turning a good profit, knowing that several non-members were in their city, and also the fact that during the Nauvoo years, keeping the Word of Wisdom was not yet a practice which determined a “member in good standing.” We do know through the Nauvoo Neighbor edition of March 6, 1844, that Turley was successful in the establishment of the brewery, because he advertised the sale of “Ale, Beer, and Yeast of the best quality.”

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