Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Tidbits-Christmas Lights



1.       Who suggested to President David O. McKay that the Church light up Temple Square?


a.      Elder Marion G. Romney

b.      Sister McKay

c.       The Deseret News

d.      Elder Gordon B. Hinckley


2.      How many lights were set up in 1965?


a.      100,000

b.      250,000

c.       10,000

d.      40,000


3.      What is the most number of lights on one tree?


a.      75,000

b.      20,000

c.       25,000

d.      100,000


4.      How long does it take to put up the lights at Temple Square?

a.      It doesn’t—they never take them down

b.      4 months

c.       1 month

d.      2 months


5.      How many volunteers help set up the lights?


a.      10

b.      25

c.       100

d.      75


6.      True or False; Extra trees are also brought in to decorate Temple Square


Yesterday’s answer:


c.     1973


In 1973, in response to U.S. president Nixon’s request to conserve energy during the energy crisis, the Church did not turn on the Christmas lights on Temple Square

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