Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- Similarities

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1.                  Which individual is considered most like Christ?

A)                 Enoch

B)                  Joseph Smith

C)                  Wilford Woodruff

D)                 Moses

2.                  Who did the Lord say Edward Partridge was most similar to?

A)                 Nathanael

B)                 Peter

C)                 Paul

D)                 Joseph Smith Sr.

3.                  Daniel is considered to be most like whom?

A)                 John the Beloved

B)                 Brigham Young

C)                 Cyrus, King of Persia

D)                 Solomon

Yesterday’s answer:

D   Wear extra layers of clothes

The following is from the journal of Mary Ann Jones, a nineteen-year old young lady in the Ellsworth Company, the first hand-cart company to cross the plains:

   We were allowed 17 lbs. of baggage each, that meant clothes, bedding, cooking utensils etc. When the brethren came to weigh out things some wanted to take more than allowed so put on extra clothes so that some that wore real thin soon became stout and as soon as the weighing was over put the extra clothes in the hand cart again but that did not last long for in a few days we were called upon to have all weighted again and quite a few were found with more than allowed.

David Roberts, Devils Gate (New York City: Simon and Schuster, 2008), 102.

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