Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- The Word of Wisdom

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1.      Which three of the four prophets listed below where the strongest advocates for the Word of Wisdom?

a.      John Taylor

b.      Brigham Young

c.       Heber J. Grant

d.      Joseph F. Smith

2.      When was the first public record of water being used during the sacrament, realizing of course that by using wine the Saints were in violation of the Word of Wisdom? (Be careful on this one. Remember, I’m looking for the first public record)

a.      Colesville, New York

b.      Kirtland

c.       Nauvoo

d.      Winter Quarters

3.      The first public promotion of the Word of Wisdom as a health code was given by whom?

a.      Hyrum Smith

b.      Porter Rockwell

c.       J. Golden Kimball

d.      Emma Smith

4.      Which Priesthood Quorum was the first to act in a Word of Wisdom violation case to one of its members?

a.      High Priests

b.      Deacons

c.       Seventies

d.      Teachers

5.      The gospel was first introduced on the shores of England in July 1837. When was the Word of Wisdom first taught in England?

a.      In June of 1837

b.      In October of 1837

c.       In December of 1837

d.      Not until five years after the gospel was taught in England.

Yesterday’s answer:

C)   Moses like, he was slow of speech

Soon after our return to Kirtland, I was sent on another mission, in company with Brother Samuel H. Smith, a younger brother of the Prophet, who was a man slow of speech and unlearned, yet a man of good faith and extreme integrity.

“The History of Orson Pratt [1805-1842], Millennial Star, 26 (1864), 742-44, 760-61, 774-76, 790-92.

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