Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Cholera Misconception

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At the time of the pioneers little was known about the disease Cholera, however, there were many guesses what caused the disease and what could be done to remedy it. What did many overland companies traveling west to the Salt Lake Valley, Oregon, and California ban from the wagon trains and handcarts in hopes of cleansing the camp of the deadly disease?

a.      Chickens

b.      Beans

c.       Apples

d.      Pigs

Yesterday’s answer

D)   Get rid of addictive substances

The Church, myself and family all in prosperity up to April 16th, 1843. This day, April 16th, 1843, came to hand some resolutions which I passed some time with myself on account of accumulating habits I had for a long time, been slave to. In common with others in July 1827, [I] resolved that I would not drink any more strong drink. In July 1831, [I] resolved that I would not drink any more hot drinks. In January 1832, [I] resolved that I would not use cider, strong beer, wines or anything of an intoxicating nature. In February 1832, [I] resolved that I would not use any more tobacco. This day I can of a truth say all those resolutions have been strictly adhered to by myself up to this date, April 16th, 1843.

Autobiography of William Huntington, Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.

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