Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brigham Came to the Point

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President Young did not beat around a bush when instructing the Saints. On one occasion he said he could beat most women at what?

a.      A foot race

b.      Making bread

c.       Housekeeping

d.      Arm wrestling

Yesterday’s answer

b.   Beans

Misconceptions of the disease's [cholera's] cause were evident from the entries recorded in emigrant diaries and journals along the trail. Many thought the cause was drinking from "holes dug in the river bank and marshes" and "shallow wells ... impregnated with alkali." ... Some emigrants even believed that beans were the cause, so much so that beans were banned from many overland companies.... Other common theories of causation of the disease held by the emigrants, besides poor water quality, included diet, climate, night air, evening mists, and overindulgence in alcohol.

Mary Frances Keen and Lisa Bujalski, "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Cholera," Nurse Practitioner 17 (December 1992): 53.

Note: Cholera was actually caused by coming in contact with fecal matter and not washing hands. Many of the pioneers cooked with “Buffalo chips” and after gathering the buffalo dung did not wash their hands. Also, personal hygiene and not washing hands after defecating.

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