Thursday, January 17, 2013

He Kept It as a Memento From Prison

Like many Latter-day Saint men, William Flake was found guilty of cohabitation (polygamy). He served his time in an Arizona Territorial prison in Yuma and when released, kept what?

a.      His prison number

b.      His prison stripes

c.       A sawed off section of bar from his prison cell

d.      His honorable discharge papers from prison

Yesterday’s answer:

D)   Fredrick G. Williams

My progenitor and namesake was closely associated with the events surrounding this first Ohio trial involving Joseph Smith. As the Prophet's scribe and his counselor in the First Presidency, Frederick G. Williams actively participated in the discussions that were held and the prayers that were offered in connection with the suit brought against Doctor Philastus Hurlbut. This trial and other experiences with the law that followed convinced Williams of the need for members of the Church to be involved in the workings of government, especially the judicial system. Not long thereafter, Frederick G. Williams ran for and was elected a justice of the peace for Geauga County, Ohio, thus becoming the first member of the Church to hold an elected government office.

—Frederick G. Williams, Brigham Young University

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