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The one year anniversay!!! One year ago today my wife spent much of her day developing this blog. Since then over 10,700 hits from 77 nations spanning every continent (other than Anartica) have visited. I hope you've had as much fun as I have. Thank-you to all who have checked in from time to time. Please let me know what can be done better and what you would like to see done differently, or any other suggestions that can improve the blog. I look forward to another year with you.  Again, thank-you!!!!!

Since the meeting house in Kirtland was too small prior to the Kirtland temple being built, what did the Saints have to resort to so all could have a chance to attend during the month?

a.      The rule was “first come first served.”

b.      They erected an overflow tent where another meeting was held

c.       The Saints alternated Sunday’s

d.      Only the adults were required to attend Sunday meetings

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Spencer W. Kimball

My Uncle, David Patten Kimball, left his home in Arizona on a trip across the Salt River desert. He had fixed up his books and settled accounts and had told his wife of a premonition that he would not return. He was lost on the desert for two days and three nights, suffering untold agonies of thirst and pain. He passed into the spirit world and described later, in a letter of January 8, 1882, to his sister, what happened there. He had seen his parents. “My father . . . told me I could remain there if I chose to do so, but I plead with him that I might stay with my family long enough to make them comfortable, to repent of my sins, and more fully prepare myself for the change. Had it not been for this, I never should have returned home, except as a corpse. Father finally told me I could remain two years and to do all the good I could during that time, after which he would come for me. . . . Two years to the day from that experience on the desert he died easily and apparently without pain. Shortly before he died he looked up and called, “Father, Father,” approximately a year of his death the other four men named were also dead.

Spencer W. Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1972), 104-5.

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