Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Tidbits-War

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1.      In which U.S. war was the first member of the Church killed?

a.      Revolutionary War

b.      Civil War

c.       Spanish-American War

d.      World War II

2.      Which prophet was the first to have a nephew reach the rank of general in the U.S. military?

a.      Joseph Smith

b.      Brigham Young

c.       Joseph F. Smith

d.      Wilford Woodruff

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      $200,000

William Clayton records the following in his journal:

April 26, 1846: Orson Hyde reported an offer of $200,000 for the temple.

An Intimate Chronicle: The Journal of William Clayton, George D. Smith, ed. (Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1995)

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