Friday, March 8, 2013

The Need for a Larger Theater

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By 1860 Brigham Young realized that a larger theater had to be constructed in Salt Lake City. Resources were limited. Where did the Saints get the steel to build the theater?

a.      From the torn down bowery on temple square

b.      From Utah mines

c.       From the steel wagon parts of the destroyed and deserted U.S. wagons during the Utah War of 1857

d.      Donations from the Saints

Yesterday’s answer:

C)     The Saints alternated Sundays

This building was extremely small, approximately 30 x 38 feet. Even though the Prophet states that attendance was good during the School of the Elders, we do know that it was small enough that it could not house every one for Sunday worship. It became the practice for the members to take turns attending their Sunday meetings so that everyone could have a chance to worship.

Caroline B. Crosby’s Journal, MS, Church Historical Department.

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