Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Checking on Him from the Other Side

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Turn of the century Saint, Malinda Moody died and went to the other side. While a spirit entity, she checked in on her husband. Malinda was permitted to return to her family and told her husband what he was doing and who was present. By the way, what was Winfred (Malinda’s husband) up to?

a.      Meeting with the Spiritualist

b.      Attending a funeral

c.       At the local bar

d.      Helping a widow in their ward

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   Solomon Chamberlain

Solomon Chamberlain found the prospects so poor [panning for gold in California] that he elected to go home, making the entire trip from the gold fields to the Salt Lake Valley alone:

“Somewhere about the year 1850, I thought I would go to California, as gold digging was cried up very much, and get gold to make myself and family comfortable, as I was in poor circumstances. I accordingly went, the North route, and made my stand this side of Sacramento, on Weber Creek. I went up this creek about 5 miles, and began to dig for gold. I made one dollar per day, board was one dollar per meal in this place. This morning I found myself in the woods, and but one mule, to help myself with. I now found if I stayed any longer, I should have to sell my mule, and live on the proceeds thereof. As digging was poor at this time, and the large streams were so high, there could be no digging on them for a month or more. I now thought I would ask the Lord what I should do, as I was now alone, and far from home, I knelt down and asked the Lord in faith what I should do, and the voice of the Lord came unto me as plain as though a man spake, and said, if you will go home to your family, you shall go in peace, and nothing shall harm you. I rose up and started with my one mule, and left all that I had, a chest of clothes, and my rifle, in a store and said nothing to no man where I was going I took the Lord at his word and put myself over the California mountains with no weapon but my pocket knife. This year the Indians were more troublesome than ever they were before or since. They were killing and being killed every night. I put my trust in God, and in the power of the priesthood, which carried me safe through, although I came all the way alone, me and my one mule. So the Lord was as good as his word in bringing me safe through.

History of the Saints, Harley, William G., ed. (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2012), 156-157.

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