Saturday, October 12, 2013

He might have been an apostle

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According to apostate Ezra Booth, he suggested that this man was an apostle. Who was it?

a.      Ziba Peterson

b.      Parley P. Pratt

c.       Porter Rockwell

d.      Joseph Smith Sr.

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   Even though he capsized, he came out of the river dry

In the summer of 1876 he [Daniel H. Wells] was placed in charge of a company to visit and encourage the newly started settlements in Arizona. While crossing the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry, the boat that contained his traveling wagon and outfit and a number of the party was capsized and thrown into the rushing and turbulent stream. He was only an indifferent swimmer, but thought weighed down by his boots and clothing, he calmly struck out for shore, reaching it without wetting his necktie. He always regarded his escape as miraculous, feeling as though unseen hands were supporting him. Bishop Roundy, who was regarded as an expert swimmer, was drowned; and the whole outfit was swept away and lost.  

Chronicles of Courage, comp. by Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1992), 3:8-9.

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