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John Taylor’s Vision of Heber J. Grant’s Vision

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Elder Heber J. Grant

During a vision, who did Elder Heber J. Grant see in a council (the same vision President John Taylor would receive)?

a.      Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and Wilford Woodruff

b.      Joseph Smith, Alvin Smith, Hyrum Smith

c.       Joseph Smith, Jedediah Grant, The Savior

d.      The Savior, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith Sr.

Yesterday’s answer:

b.   Baptism

The following from A. O. Smoot:   I remember a rather remarkable instance of healing that occurred at Winter Quarters, which I think worth relating:    During the winter of 1846-7 while the Saints were encamped on the banks of the Missouri there was a great deal of sickness among them, and many died. Among others who were afflicted was a man by the name of Collins, who had followed up the Church for some time on account of his wife being a member, but who never felt quite satisfied to embrace the gospel, although he never opposed the work. When he was taken sick it was not thought by his friends that he could recover, as he had appeared to be sinking rapidly under the effects of the disease, and for some time he lay in a semi-conscious state, from which it was feared he would never rally.

   However, he finally regained consciousness and looked around, when I asked him if he had any message to leave before he died. He immediately replied that it would not do for him to die then, as he had not been baptized, and urged very strongly to be taken right down to the river to receive this ordinance.

   Yielding to his solicitations, some of the brethren brought the running gear of a wagon with a few boards on it, up to the door of the cabin in which he was living, and his bed, with him lying upon it, was carried out and placed on the wagon. When we had proceeded part way down to the river the wagon tire commenced running off one of the wheels and a halt was made to hammer it on again. On noticing the wagon stop and hearing the hammering, he inquired what was the matter, and, when he was informed that the tire was running off, he replied impatiently, “Oh, never mind the tire; go on, or I’ll die before I’m baptized!”

   We proceeded on with him till we reached the river, which at that time was frozen over, but the ice had been cut away near the shore in order that our animals might drink. There he was lifted from his bed, carried into the water and I baptized him for the remission of his sins and his restoration to health. After being taken out of the water a blanket was wrapped around him and he was seated for a moment to rest upon a block of ice upon the shore. Seeing the brethren turning the wagon around, he inquired what they were going to do. They replied that they were going to put him on the bed and haul him back home, when he arose to his feet and assured them that they need not go to the at trouble, for he could walk back, and he did so, and from that time became a healthy man.

Preston Nibley, Faith Promoting Stories (Salt Lake City, Bookcraft, 1977), 11-13.

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