Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Pioneer Moving Experience

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I hate moving! This most likely comes from the 22 moves that my wife and I have done over the 32 years that we’ve been married. The nine years where we live now is the longest I’ve settled down for any stretch of time. As great as it is that we’ve stayed put for almost a decade, I do know that there will be at least one more move. Kate and I are almost empty nesters, and when that day happens then it will be time to down size. Pioneers also did a fair amount of moving around. It is said that Joseph and Emma moved 17 times, however, moves were more of a hardship in those days only because many times it meant leaving everything behind other than the absolute necessities. What did pioneer James Tillman Sanford Allred refuse to leave behind and decided to move with him, maybe the only pioneer to move one of these things?

a.      His barn

b.      His silo

c.       The Ward house

d.      His log cabin

Yesterday’s answer:

C.   Three

Because Brigham Young and his company returned east before the fort was completed, workmen constructed for their families a row of log cabins that formed the east side of the fort. Other fort walls were adobe, not log. Work continued on the fort until the arrival of the “Big Company” that October [1848], when it became clear that the fort was too small to accommodate everyone. The high council made the decision to enlarge the ten-acre fort by enclosing two more blocks to the south. It became known as the new or south fort. A north fort of five acres was later added, making the combined forts around forty acres.

History of the Saints, Harley, William G., ed. (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2012), 168.

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