Saturday, November 2, 2013

Have You Ever Wondered?

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Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Have you ever wondered which temple holds the best attendance for pre-dedication tours?

a.      London Temple

b.      Mexico City Temple

c.       Washington D.C. Temple

d.      Los Angeles Temple

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Wilford Woodruff

The following from Wilford Woodruff:   In 1834, while traveling in Zion’s Camp to Missouri, a rifle was discharged accidentally. The ball passed through three tents with a dozen men in each, and lodged in the axle-tree of a wagon, without injury to anyone; it passed within a few inches of my breast. Many others escaped quite as providentially as I did.

   A few months later a musket, heavily loaded with buckshot, and pointed directly at my breast, was snapped accidentally; but it missed fire, and again the Lord preserved my life.

   I have not now a lame limb about me, notwithstanding it all. I have been able to endure the hardest kind of manual labor, exposures, hardships, and journeys. I have walked forty, fifty, and on one occasion sixty miles in a single day. The only inconvenience I am now conscious of is that if I overwork, or take a severe cold, I feel it more sensibly in my breast and left side than I did before my last injury. I have given considerable space in recounting the foregoing peculiar circumstances which I have experienced in life. A summary of what is here given may be briefly stated thus: I have broken both legs, one of them in two places; both arms, both ankles, my breastbone, and three ribs; I have been scalded, frozen, and drowned; I have been in two water wheels while turning under a full head; I have passed through a score of other hairbreadth escapes. The repeated deliverances for all these remarkable dangers I ascribe to the mercies of my Heavenly Father. In recalling them to mind I always feel impressed to render the gratitude of my heart, with thanksgiving and joy, to the Lord. I pray that the remainder of my days may pass in this service, in the building up of His Kingdom.

Preston Nibley, Faith Promoting Stories (Salt Lake City, Bookcraft, 1977), 19-20, 22.

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