Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Tidbits—Saints Moving the Big Loads

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1.      In 1979, Stanley Jones of the San Jose 13th Ward is credited with moving the largest legal load by semi in the United States. He hauled a 107 ton magnet 2,200 miles. How many tires did his trailer have?

a.      18

b.      150

c.       50

d.      120

2.      In 1874, the Saints were required to move an object weighing 9 tons from Salt Lake City to St. George. What was it they were moving?

a.      Brigham Young’s summer cottage

b.      The baptismal font for the St. George Temple

c.       The bell for the St. George Temple

d.      Cannons and cannon balls to protect the Saints in St. George

3.      How many days did it take to move the shaft stone of the Joseph Smith memorial 6 miles? (hint, I’ve asked this question once before, however, it fits nicely in this story)

a.      1 day

b.      12 days

c.       20 days

d.      1 month

Yesterday’s answer:

C.   Washington D.C. Temple

The largest number of pre-dedication tourists to visit a temple is 758,328 visitors who went through the Washington, D.C., Temple Nov. 19-22, 1974. The old record was 662,401 visitors at the pre-dedication tours of the Los Angeles Temple in 1956.

Skousen, Paul, The Skousen Book of Mormon World Records, (Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, Inc., 2004), 22.

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