Friday, November 22, 2013

Yellow Face’s Request

It wasn’t long after Cardston was established in Southern Alberta that a large group of Natives from the Cree nation camped beside the town. It was for a purpose though. What did their leader, Yellow Face, want from the Saints?

a.      They wanted to know about the Book of Mormon

b.      They wanted their lands back

c.       They wanted food

d.      They wanted priesthood blessings for their sick

Yesterday’s answer:

B.   T. B. H. Stenhouse

Who became the first British Elder to serve a foreign mission? T. B. H. Stenhouse was handpicked by Apostle Lorenzo Snow to serve with him in Italy. Stenhouse would also convert 300 in Switzerland.

Journal of Mormon History, Ronald W. Walker, The Stenhouses and the Making of a Mormon Image, Vol. 1, 1974, 52-3.

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