Monday, December 9, 2013

Believe it or not, it’s Been Cancelled Twice in Church History

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What has been cancelled twice in the history of the Church for prolonged periods of time?

a.      The Relief Society

b.      General Conference

c.       Church Welfare

d.      The Sacrament

Yesterday’s answers:

1.      c.   3

It is not clear just how linguistically gifted Elder [Orson] Hyde was. Elder Le Grand Richards once stated that Orson Hyde had “memorized the Bible in English, German and Hebrew.” We do know that the apostle had special aptitudes which had qualified him to teach at the school of the Prophets. But whether those aptitudes had included a gift for languages is not clear.

Keith Terry, Great Moments in Mormonism, (Maasai Publishing, 1996), 34-35.

2.      D.   A non-member who gave him a sack of gold in Philadelphia

Referring to Elder Orson Hyde’s prayer to dedicate the land of Jerusalem for the returning of the Jews: Elder Hyde also inserted into the monumental prayer an interesting petition for reword to one Joseph Ellison Beck.

Beck had been at a public meeting in Philadelphia listening to Orson Hyde a year earlier, at the time Elder Hyde had temporarily paused in his long journey to New York before leaving for England. Joseph Beck had heard Orson mention that Mormon missionary’s traveled without purse or scrip, receiving whatever financial assistance they could muster along the way. After the meeting, Beck, a total stranger, had handed to Elder Hyde a purse of gold. Beck had made only one request: that Elder Hyde, when he offered the dedicatory prayer in Jerusalem, mention the anonymous donor in his prayer.

Keith Terry, Great Moments in Mormonism, (Maasai Publishing, 1996), 37-38.

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