Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fighting Fiction

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During the 19th century, fiction had a bad rap, including in the Church. However, the leaders of the Church at the time realized the value of teaching young Latter-day Saints through stories. Even though these stories could be considered fiction, what was the terminology that the leaders chose to use?

a.      Light reading

b.      Easy reading

c.       Home literature

d.      Recreational reading

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   John Taylor

Even the President of the Church at the time, John Taylor, had had to go into hiding along with the other general authorities. The president had remained underground for two-and-a-half years. At one time federal law enforcement officers had distributed a “Wanted” poster offering $300 reward for information leading to the arrest of President Taylor and $500 for President Cannon.

Keith Terry, Great Moments in Mormonism, (Maasai Publishing, 1996), 49.

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