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Sunday Tidbits—Elder Orson Hyde

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Orson Hyde

1.      It is said that Orson Hyde memorized the Bible in how many languages?

a.      1

b.      2

c.       3

d.      4

2.      Interestingly, at the time that Elder Hyde gave his dedicatory prayer just outside the walls of Jerusalem, he mentioned the name Joseph Ellison Beck in his prayer. Who was this individual?

a.      The mayor of Jerusalem

b.      A member who gave Orson a sack of gold for his mission

c.       Orson Hyde’s sick missionary companion

d.      A non-member who gave Elder Hyde money in Philadelphia

Yesterday’s answer:

A.      Abraham’s Church

In May, 1850, Elder Addison Pratt returned to Tahiti on a second mission having been appointed by President Brigham Young to preside over the Society Islands Mission. He was accompanied by Elder James S. Brown and was joyfully received by the native Saints and by Elder Grouard who joined them soon afterwards. . . .

Elders Pratt and Brown, on the Tuamotus, met with great success, and it is estimated that there were 900 members of the Church in that group at that time. To assist them in their labors, the Elders built a schooner which was called “Ravaii” (the Fisher). Elder Grouard was placed in charge of it.

Thus the missionaries continued their missionary work until 1853 when, on account of a change in the local government of the island, the American Elders were banished from their fields of labor. The native Saints also suffered severe persecution and, in order to protect themselves, gave other names to their community organizations such as “Church of Christ,” “Abrahams Church,” “The Sheep,” etc., and, being as sheep without a shepherd, fell into error. . . .

In this condition the natives were found by Elders Joseph W. Damron and William A. Seegmiller, who arrived from Hawaii, their field of labor, forty years later. These Elders in 1892 met with a cold reception, except on the island of Takaroa, where a branch of one hundred faithful Saints was discovered.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:10.

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