Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Predecessor to the Beehive and Lion houses

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Brigham Young's Beehive house

Prior to the construction of the Beehive and Lion houses, Brigham Young lived in another residence. What was the name of this residence

a.      The White house

b.      The Green house

c.       The Salt Lake house

d.      The Seagull house

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   The passing of the sacrament

The day after the arrival of Brigham Young in Salt Lake Valley, a Sunday, the advance company partook of the sacrament; in the next few years, the sacrament was sometimes administered only once a month. By the mid-1850s, however, the Saints had the opportunity to partake of the sacrament weekly in the area-wide sacrament meetings.

Nearly Everything Imaginable, Walker, Ronald W., Doris R. Dant ed., (Provo, Utah: BYU Press, 1999), 268.

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