Friday, December 13, 2013

Utah’s “Other” Pioneer Day

Iosepa, Utah, at least whats left of it
When my wife and family first moved to Utah from Canada, we continued to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in October on Columbus Day. We continued to do this for a number of years until my wife's cousin moved back to Canada. It was fun, but when in Rome, do as the Romans, and it became time to be Americans, or to at least act like one. In early Utah, not all of the Saints celebrated the traditional July 24th Pioneer Day. What group of Saints celebrated each year on August 28th, until it eventually fizzled out?

a.      Hawaiian

b.      Welsh

c.       Dutch

d.      Swedish

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      The anti-LDS real estate Law

It took more than 100 years but the 1862 anti-LDS real-estate law barring any Church from holding more than $50,000 worth of real estate in a United States territory was finally repealed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. The change removed a cloud on Church plans to build a temple in Samoa. The law was adopted by Congress in 1862 as part of a measure outlawing plural marriages. After polygamy was abolished in 1890, only portions of the federal law were repealed.

Skousen, Paul, The Skousen Book of Mormon World Records, (Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, Inc., 2004), 140.

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