Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Elvis’ Testimony

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Elvis Presley, of Rock and Roll fame, and although not LDS, bore his testimony in an LDS setting. Where did Elvis bear his testimony?

a.      At a fireside

b.      During a Sacrament meeting

c.       At a Church visitor center

d.      In a LDS seminary class

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   She finally ate a decent meal

The following from Lydia L. Page Marcroft: My parents, John Page and Eleanor Esther Leader, came to Salt Lake in 1852. It was the winter following the grasshopper plague, and when I was born, there was not fifty pounds of flour in Salt Lake City. I was born late at night, a meal was prepared afterward, and the smell of food awakened my little sister, who was just five years old; and in her delight at having something to eat she exclaimed, ‘Oh, I wish Mother would have a baby every night so I can have some supper.’

Chronicles of Courage, comp. by Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1992), 3:225-226.

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