Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Tidbits—Visions

1.                  Who appeared to Brigham Young in vision to show him the Salt Lake Valley as the end destination of the Saints?

A)                 The Savior

B)                 Joseph Smith

C)                 Moses

D)                 Joseph Smith Sr.


2.                  What did Philo Dibble see as he was traveling at night from Lexington to Far West, Missouri?

A)                 An army marching through the sky

B)                 Joseph Smith being pursued by a mob in hot pursuit

C)                 An aura over Far West

D)                 The New Jerusalem


3.                  When Diantha Clayton viewed Joseph Smith in vision, what did she desire of him?

A)                 A blessing

B)                 A promise that he would reserve a place for her in heaven

C)                 A kiss

D)                 For him to tell her the future of her family


Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Her future husband, a man with three books, and the fact that she would be in a plural marriage situation

Christina Ericka Forsgren converted to the Gospel in a remarkable manner.  Born in Gefle, Sweden, she had been trained in the faith of the Lutheran Church from infancy.  As she grew to womanhood, however, she became dissatisfied with this church and prayed the Lord would show her the true path of salvation.  One Sabbath Day in church, she had an open vision in which it was made known to her that the Lutheran, or State church, was a man-made church without divine authority, and that God did not acknowledge it.  In the same vision she was shown that on a certain day a man would come to her with three books and that all who believed and accepted the things written in those books would be saved.  In fulfillment of this vision on the fifth day of July, 1850, Elder John Eric Forsgren, a long lost brother visited her as a missionary of the Mormon Church and preached the gospel to her, making her acquainted with the three books—the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants!

Among other visions, she saw in her native land of Gefle, Sweden, a vision of her future husband, and that she would enter into the sacred principle of plural marriage.  This had its fulfillment when she met Bishop Davis in the year 1853, for she recognized in him at once, the man shown to her in vision as her husband.

The following history of WILLIAM DAVIS was taken from a manuscript on file in the Brigham City, UT, city library.

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