Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Doctor’s Rebuke

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 We know shortly after it was noised that Joseph Smith had the Gold Plates in his possession, many attempts were made to steal the plates from him. On one occasion, a mob desired a Dr. McIntyre of Palmyra to lead them. This he refused and rebuked the mob for their actions. The mob was ineffective as it broke up. What caused the mob to break up?

a.      Porter Rockwell was on his way to break up the mob

b.      The town psychic warned of immediate death if they did not break up

c.       An argument broke out among them who should be their leader

d.      Rumor spread that the Smith boys, along with Porter Rockwell, were coming for revenge

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      He assisted Elder Benson distribute relief supplies to Europe after World War II

The following in reference to Howard Badger. Badger assisted Elder Ezra Taft Benson distribute relief aid to the struggling Saints in Europe just at the conclusion of World War II:

The next day, as he edged down the Tabernacle’s carpeted steps to where the Quorum of the Twelve had gathered for the Sunday Conference session, Howard swelled with pride at the significance of being extended an invitation to sit in Elder Benson’s place in front of the hundreds of Saints gathered to hear Conference. He shook hands with the Brethren on either side of him in that special seating arrangement: to his right, Elder Spencer W. Kimball, and to his left, Elder Mark E. Peterson. Howard Badger had received a singular honor, one seldom, if ever, extended—an honor to be remembered a lifetime.

Keith Terry, Great Moments in Mormonism, (Maasai Publishing, 1996), 94.

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