Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Chance at Pay Back

The early LDS church was horribly mistreated by the government, so when it came time to chosing sides during the Civil War, who did Utah align itself with?

a.      North

b.      South

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Bread

In October 1851, Salt Lake Valley bishops discussed the Word of Wisdom. One bishop noted that tithing was a test of fellowship (although not a matter for Church discipline), but the Word of Wisdom was not. Bishop Edward Hunter’s counsel on the Word of Wisdom was “as much as possible observe it” and teach the upcoming generation to do it. His counsel to bishops eight years later regarding liquor was that men should “either take it moderately or let it alone entirely.” Regarding tobacco, President Young said it was injurious, “but since it is so extensively used, and many seem to place upon it as high a value as bread, why not raise it here, and stop its immense importations.”

Nearly Everything Imaginable, Walker, Ronald W., Doris R. Dant ed., (Provo, Utah: BYU Press, 1999), 278.

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