Monday, February 17, 2014

Brigham and Tobacco

Brigham Young said tabacco was as valued as much as what?

a.      A worn out sock

b.      Gold

c.       A worn out boot

d.      Bread

Yesterday’s answer:

(D) That the steamer would burn

While returning to Utah in 1850, with a large company of Saints from Boston and the east, on my arrival at Pittsburg, I engaged a passage for myself and company on a steamer to St. Louis. But no sooner had I engaged the passage than the Spirit said to me, “Go not on board of that steamer, neither you nor your company.”

   I obeyed the revelation to me, and I did not go on board, but took another steamer.

   The first steamer started at dark, with two hundred passengers on board. When five miles down the Ohio River it took fire and burned the tiller ropes, so that the vessel could not reach the shore, and the lives of nearly all on board were lost either by fire or water. We arrived in safety at our destination, by obeying the revelation of the Spirit of God to us.

Leaves From My Journal, Preston Nibley, comp. (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1988), 102-103.

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