Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cleaning the House

What incident caused Drusilla Hendricks to clean her house?

A)                 The mob was getting ready to push her out of her home and she didn’t want it said that she was a poor housekeeper

B)                 Her family had eaten the last of the food in the house and now all that was left was to die

C)                 The First Presidency was coming over for a visit

D)                 Her mother-in-law was coming over for dinner


Yesterday’s answer:

C.   My Church

Born in the state of New Hampshire, Grafton Co. town of Bath July 1st, 1812. Being decided that I was in consumptive state of health, I designed to travel by the way of Louisville, Kentucky, and New Orleans to Demerara, South America, left home September 1832 to recover my health. I took passage at Louisville for New Orleans on the steamboat Warrior. The day before she left the ward, while laying in my state room, the following sentence was spoken to me in an audible voice. I was not asleep. "If you proceed your journey you contemplate, you will surely die, but if you will go to the western border of the state Missouri by the border of the Lamanites you shall live there and you shall find my Church ." I looked around to see who spoke to me. An audible voice answered, "The Holy Ghost." The confirmation which I experienced of the fact that it was the Holy Ghost, I cannot here describe, only that it was I felt a perfect assurance of the spirit of God which affected my whole system. I had not fear or doubt of the heavenly message.

Autobiography of Chapman Duncan, Typescript, HBLL;

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