Saturday, February 1, 2014

Go West, My Son

What did a voice tell non-member Chapman Duncan he would find if he traveled to the west?

A)                 The city of the Saints

B)                 Brigham Young

C)                 My Church

D)                 The House of the Lord


Yesterday’s answer:

a.      The possibility that someone was meddling with the Book of Mormon at the printers

Lucy Mack Smith records the following:   “The work of printing still continued with little or no interruption,” Lucy wrote, “until one Sunday afternoon, when Hyrum became very uneasy as to the security of the work left at the printing office, and requested Oliver to accompany him thither , to see if all was right. . . .

“On arriving at the printing establishment, they found it occupied by an individual by the name of [Abner] Cole, an ex-justice of the peace, who was busily employed in printing a newspaper. . .

“Upon reading the prospectus of his paper, they found that he had agreed with his subscribers to publish one form of ‘Joe Smith’s Gold Bible each week, and thereby furnish them with the principal portion of the book in such a way that they would not be obliged to pay the Smiths for it. His paper was entitle, Dogberry Paper on Winter Hill. . . . Hyrum was shocked, as well as indignant at the dishonest course which Mr. Cole had taken, in order to possess himself of the work.

“ ‘Mr. Cole,’ said he ‘what right have you to print the Book of Mormon in this manner? Do you not know that we have secured the copyright?’

“ ‘It is none of your business,’  answered Cole, “I have hired the press, and will print what I please.’ . . .

“Hyrum endeavored to dissuade him from his purpose, but finding him inexorable, left him to issue his paper, as he had hitherto done; for when they found him at work, he had already issued six or eight numbers, and had managed to keep them out of our sight.

“On returning from the office, they asked my husband [Joseph Smith Sr.] what course was best for them to pursue, relative to Mr. Cole. He told them that he considered it a matter with which Joseph ought to be made acquainted. Accordingly, he set out himself for Pennsylvania, and returned with Joseph the ensuing Sunday. The weather was so extremely cold, that they came near perishing before they arrived at home, nevertheless, as soon as Joseph made himself partially comfortable, he went to the printing office, where he found Cole employed, as on the Sunday previous. ‘How do you do, Mr. Cole,’ said Joseph, ‘you seem hard at work.’

“ ‘How do you do, Mr. Smith,’ answered Cole, dryly.

“Joseph examined his Dogberry Paper, and then said firmly, ‘Mr. Cole, that book [the Book of Mormon], and the right of publishing it, belongs to me, and I forbid you meddling with it any further.’

“At this Mr. Cole threw off his coat, rolled up his sleeves, and came towards Joseph, smacking his fists together with vengeance, and roaring out, ‘Do you want to fight, sir? Do you want to fight?. . .

“. . . ‘Now, Mr. Cole,’ said [Joseph], ‘you had better keep your coat on—it is cold, and I am not going to fight you, nevertheless, I assure you, sir that you have got to stop printing my book, for I know my rights, and shall maintain them. . . . There is law, and you will find that out, if you do not understand it. . . .’

“At this, the ex-justice began to cool off a little, and finally concluded to submit to an arbitration, which decided that he should stop his proceedings forthwith, so that he made us no further trouble.”

Church History for Latter-day Saint Families, Thomas R. Valletta (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 2004), 82-3.

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