Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leo Tolstoy’s Tie to the LDS Church

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Leo Tolstoy

What one item can be found in the Tolstoy museum in Russia that would indicate Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, had contact with the church?

a.      A Book of Commandments

b.      A Doctrine and Covenants

c.       A Joseph Smith translation of the Bible

d.      A Book of Mormon

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Brigham Street

Pioneer Lydia L. Page Marcroft provides the following information: Where the State Capitol now stands we called Arsenal Hill on account of the arsenal containing the gun powder and all kinds of ammunition that stood there. I have run around it many times. The tithing offices and yards were where the Hotel Utah now stands, and Brigham Young’s home just east along South Temple Street, or Brigham Street was we called it, was well know to me.

Chronicles of Courage, comp. by Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1992), 3:227.

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