Friday, February 28, 2014

Miraculous Miracles

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When the Saints were pushed from Jackson County to Clay County they were required to cross the Missouri River. This wasn’t free and were required to pay money to use the ferry. According to Mary Lightner, one family didn’t have the money. How were they able to obtain the funds necessary to cross the river?

a.      Went fishing and sold the fish

b.      Sold some clothing

c.       Went fishing and found money in the mouth of a fish

d.      A mob member gave them the money

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Brigham Young

Referring to actress Sara Alexander: She lived with one of President Young’s families. An eastern actor who played here for some time wished to marry Miss Alexander. Calling on President Young, he stated his request. “Young man,” the President replied, “I have seen you attempt Richard III and Julius Caesar with fair success, but I advise you not to aspire to Alexander.”

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:103.

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