Friday, February 21, 2014


The prophet Joseph Smith at one time referred to perches. What was he talking about?

a.      The width of the streets in the City of Zion

b.      The fish the Saints would feed on at Winter Quarters

c.       A place in the west where eagles perched in the canyons

d.      The hideout of Indians along the Mormon Trail

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   Two year dramatic company mission

Three weeks after their arrival in the city, Mrs. Tuckett was visited by John T. Caine, Hiram B. Clawson, and David Candland, a committee sent by President Brigham Young to invite her to join the Deseret Dramatic Association, then playing in the new Social Hall. Upon arriving in the Green Room, both Henry and Mercy Tuckett were called by President Young to serve a mission for two years as members of the company. Henry took minor parts and was in 1916, so far as the family knows, the only surviving member of the Desert Dramatic company.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:87.

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