Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldier monument at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

The Buffalo Soldiers played a large part in the history of this country. They were originally sent by the United States Government to subdue the Sioux Indians. They eventually found their way to Utah and then on to the Civil War. Who were the Buffalo Soldiers?

a.      Soldiers specializing in the destruction of the Buffalo to clear the way for the railroad

b.      The nickname of Johnston’s army

c.       African American Soldiers so named by the Sioux Indians

d.      Soldiers recruited in Buffalo, New York

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      The width of the streets in the City of Zion

The following from History of the Church referring to the plat of Zion:   When [a] square is thus laid off and supplied, lay off another in the same way, and so fill up the world in these last days; and let every man live in the city, for this is the city of Zion. All the streets are of one width, being eight perches wide. . . .

What is a perch? A rod and perch are the same unit of measure (5 1/2 yards).

Church History for Latter-day Saint Families, Thomas R. Valletta (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 2004), 168.

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