Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Seagull Monument and the One Cent Stamp

The Seagull Monument on Temple Square has been featured on a United State Postal Service one cent Stamp. What celebrities appear on this same stamp?

a.      Donny and Marie

b.      Brigham and Steve Young

c.       Abbot and Costello

d.      Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      A pair of pants

Lydia L. Page Marcroft: My father was a tailor by trade, but there was no work for his trade in pioneer days. The menfolks’ clothes were worn out. Father had a piece of buckskin, so he made a pair of trousers for the three of them.

People used to go into the canyons for their wood to get their winter supply. My oldest brother was sent into the canyon for a load of wood. He wore the buckskin breeches. While there the wagon broke, and he had to return on foot to Salt Lake, leaving the oxteam and broken wagon in the canyon. A storm came up and oh how it rained. Well, you know how buckskin stretches when wet. The trouser legs became so long it was impossible to walk, no matter how high he lifted his foot, and of course it would not stay rolled up. My brother stood it as long as he could, them he took his hunting knife and cut them off. When he got home and they became dry, they were up above the knees. Consternation prevailed in the home. Father said, ‘Now, what are we going to do? We none of us have any breeches.”

It made many laugh when the tale was told in after years, but it was a real calamity when it happened.

Chronicles of Courage, comp. by Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1992), 3:229.

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