Monday, February 3, 2014

They Were Required to Pay

What one thing were the Saints required to pay the person that performed this function?

a.      Baptism

b.      Patriarchal blessings

c.       Temple marriages

d.      Funerals

Yesterday’s answer:

B.   Her family had eaten the last of the food and all that was left was to die

The story of Drusilla Hendricks is typical of the Quincy experience. Her husband, James, had been shot in the neck in the Battle of Crooked River and had to be carried about on a stretcher. The family arrived in Quincy on 1 April and secured a room “partly underground and partly on top of the ground.” Within two weeks they were on the verge of starving, having only one spoonful of sugar and a saucer full of corn meal to eat. Drusilla made mush out of it. Thinking they would eventually starve, she washed everything, cleaned their little room thoroughly, and waited for the worst. That afternoon Rubin Allred came by and told her he had had a feeling they were out of food, so on his way into town he had a sack of grain ground into meal for them. Two weeks later they were again without food. Drusilla remembered, “I felt awful, but the same voice that gave me comfort before was there to comfort me again and it said, hold on, the Lord will provide for his Saints.” This time Alexander Williams arrived at the back door with two bushels of meal on his shoulder. He told her he had been extremely busy but the Spirit had whispered to him that “Brother Hendricks’ family is suffering, so I dropped everything and came by.”

Drusilla Doris Hendricks, “Historical Sketch of James Hendricks and Drusilla Dorris Hendricks,” typescript, LDS Historical Department, Salt Lake City, 22-23.

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