Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Never Ending Bishop

Elijah Sheets holds the record for the longest time served in the position of a Bishop. How many years did he serve?

a.      29

b.      61

c.       48

d.      35

Yesterday’s answer:

b.   Aunt Zina

Obedient to the counsel of his superiors in the priesthood, Charles Ora Card and his two companions, Bishop Isaac Zundell and Elder James W. Hendricks, set out late in the summer of 1886 on the long journey north. They explored a lot of territory, including British Columbia, but their final choice was a spot of Lee’s Creek on the southern boundary of the Blood Indian Reservation [southern Alberta], and there it was that Cardston was located and named for its founder.  

   They returned to Utah and in the spring of 1887 President Card and a number of others formed an advance party and proceeded to Canada. On their chosen site they planted gardens, built homes, and made preparations for the first company of immigrants. With planting accomplished, they went south to Helena, Montana, to meet the first company. Zina Young Card was among that group. She became the beloved mother of the Canadian colonies and a famous pioneer woman to western Canada.

   There is a humorous story told about the meeting of President Card and his wife Zina, on the trail near Helena, Montana. Naturally, it was a joyous reunion after months of separation. Just before reaching Helena, a horseman in a khaki outfit was seen slowly approaching the party. Not a word was spoken, but young John W. Woolf kept an eye on him, and when he tied his horse to a nearby fence post and stopped Mrs. Card’s wagon, John called back to his father and said, “Pa, that old galoot is getting into Aunt Zina’s wagon and is kissing her.” John’s father and Aunt Zina were the only ones who had recognized President Card as the man in the khaki outfit.

Chronicles of Courage, comp. by Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1992), 3:355.

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