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The Original Quorum of the Seventies Gift

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Those called to the original Quorum of the Seventies in February 1835 were presented with a gift. What was the gift?

a.      A belt buckle

b.      An original Book of Mormon

c.       A patriarchal blessing

d.      Land

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   A sleigh

It was here that President Young brought on two occasions the famous actress, Julia Dean Hayne, as a guest. It was in her honor that the sleigh was named, the mammoth long sleigh with its high driver’s seat, its green painted sides outspringing with graceful curves and holding in its capacious hay-and-buffalo-robe-filled box a bevy of nearly fifty children of all ages, but all bubbling with laughter and excitement over the expected festivities of the holiday season. Drawn by six spirited horses all jingling and jangling with the most musical sleighbells, while the driver’s long whip fell skillfully and delicately on the glossy sides of the prancing teams, the brilliant stars overhead saw no merrier sight than the sleigh full of infinite happiness just behind the President’s cutter, followed by the more dignified sleighs holding the mothers of these children on their way for a gala night at the farmhouse.

   To sit in that sleigh with forty youngsters covered with blankets and real buffalo robes, on a ride to the Church Farm is a memory never to be forgotten.

   Many years after the death of Brigham Young, the “Julia Dean” with its swan heads reaching out on either side of the driver was brought again to light, reconditioned, wheels substituted for runners, and used as a bandwagon until age and decreptituted sent it to the junk heap.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:121-122.

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