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Unwilling, but Went Anyways

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Willard Richards
It is said at the time that the Mormon Battalion was mustered in, that sediments ran high. According to the journal of Battalion member, Henry Bigler, it didn’t make sense why he and others were called to fight Uncle Sam’s battles when it was the same government that ignored the Saints during their persecutions in Missouri. The man had a valid point. Nevertheless, Brigham saw the bigger picture. He knew what sending the Battalion would mean, and also, fortunately, what the outcome would be at the failure to comply with the government’s request. It was a promise that Elder Willard Richards made that convinced the men of the Battalion to serve honorably. What was the promise?

a.      Ten acres of Great Salt Lake Valley real estate for each member of the Battalion

b.      That no one would die in battle

c.       That the Battalion would start the great California gold rush

d.      That their calling and election would be assured  

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      A BYU football game

Though nobody would openly admit it, many of those attending the priesthood session of conference in October 1983 had to be torn away from a great BYU-UCLA football game that Saturday evening. President Gordon B. Hinckley was generous in his sympathies to the football fans and, towards the end of the meeting, announced over the pulpit that BYU had upset UCLA 37-35. It was the first sports score announced during General Conference and probably the first in the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

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